Central Heating Power Flush

Power flush your radiators

Do your radiators have cold spots? This can be a sign of sludge in the radiators. Over a period of time sludge can build up and cause loss of heat, if this problem is not sorted out it could eventually lead to your boiler failing and a costly repair.

We can ‘power flush’ your system and get your radiators working at full capacity again. Why not call and ask for a no obligation free quote for a power flush for your central heating system?


Signs to look out for

What we do

Our qualified engineers will connect a specialised piece of equipment which will flush out all the sludge and other material that is blocking your system. A powerful cleaner is added and the whole system is flushed until the water runs clean.

Get a warmer, more cost-effective central heating system today by having your system power flushed by the experts at Premier Heating.

For more information, either give us a call or contact us for a free quote.

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